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ZTE 5G CPE MC801A provides these features:

. Small and exquisite appearance- 

 The unique "Nebula Ring" and streamlined runway design -won the German iF Design Award 2019.

Enjoy 5G high speed- 

Qualcomm Snapdragon TM X55 platform, supports SA+NSA network environment, enjoys 5G fast Internet experience, the theoretical downlink peak rate is 4.6Gbps, and supports global mainstream frequency bands.

MAX Wi-Fi 6 technology- 

200+  Wi-Fi 6 technology improves the throughput of each user in a dense user environment, and can support up to 32 Wi-Fi users, enabling 4G mobile phones, Pads and other Wi-Fi terminals to enjoy 5G high-speed services in advance.

Worry-free coverage

Adopting global analog 5G antenna solutions, 4 MIMO antennas, more powerful wireless performance; flexible expansion of Mesh routers, enhanced indoor Wi-Fi coverage, and ensured that there are no dead corners in the room.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports- 

Dual gigabit network ports, which can flexibly connect various limited devices, and provide stable, high-speed, low-latency 5G network services for industry applications.

 High gain antenna -

 9dBi directional antenna, covering a longer distance, and even in remote areas far away from the base station can obtain the ideal network speed. • The omnidirectional antenna ensures that the CPE can be connected at high speed at different angles. • Smart ANT smart antenna algorithm allows CPE to independently select a better signal.

Heat dissipation- 

design, heat dissipation efficiency increased by 10% • Vertical chimney air duct, aerodynamic self-accelerating heat dissipation. • Built-in customized (special design)  powerful (high thermal conductivity) radiator. • The core chip is attached with thermal phasechange material to ensure the core unit

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