About Us

Al Thuraya Contract Company for Trade One Person is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of selling, distributing and marketing the products and services of the operators operating communications. The main office is in Riyadh – Al-Adl Al-Waad Street. It was established in the world in 1433 and it has many distribution offices scattered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the central region – South – East – West and North. All these branches work in complete coordination and an integrated link with an advanced ERP program characterized by the highest information technology to achieve and meet customer requests to extend See the hour through the interaction and harmony of all the individuals and employees of the company, from chairmen and subordinates, and work in the spirit of one team

Our Message

Providing marketing, distribution, and sales services with smart technology and high quality to our customers.
Satisfy customers, meet their needs, and satisfy their desires.
Customer service and problem solutions through our various channels and after-sales service.
Applying international standards in developing our customers.
Seek to be the company that attracts the best cadres.
Contributing to the enhancement of the local product.